How to Give

At Donaghadee Parish Church we understand that many of us are experiencing financial challenges. We do not want to add to that burden. If you are able to donate it is very much appreciated because, even with the church building closed, we still have many outgoings.

We have a number of ways to accept donations.

Standing Order and Bank Transfer

This is the best way because there are no costs involved. A Standing Order is set up with your bank and money is sent from your account to the church account. You can set up a Standing Order or make a one-off direct Bank Transfer by contacting your bank OR using online banking. If you wish to set up a Standing Order or make a direct Bank Transfer, you will need the “Sort Code” and “Account Number” of the Donaghadee Parish bank account. Please call one of the finance team members (phone numbers are in the church magazine) or submit a query on this website.


Envelopes can be kept until we are able to meet together again. They can also be given to members of the finance team or dropped off at the church hall on weekday mornings (10:30-12:30). Please be aware that no one is going door-to-door collecting envelopes on behalf of Donaghadee Parish Church.

Online Donations

We have a secure online donation page. It can be used to make a one-off donation or to set up a regular direct debit. This donation mechanism uses high end security and is run by (a large UK-based provider of an online Church management system) and (a global payment processing company which handles $13 billion transactions per year). These partners take a small fee out of each donation in order to provide this secure online service.

Please note that a one-off donation is set up as a direct debit but only one payment is made unless you go online and make a subsequent donation.

Click here to access the donation page or go to