St Patrick and things you may not have known.


  • There are three patron saints of Ireland – Brigit, Columba and Patrick.
  • Patrick was the first Bishop of Armagh.
  • 17th March is said to be the date of his death.
  • St Patrick used the three leafed shamrock to teach the Irish about The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost.
  • St Patrick is also the patron saint of Nigeria and Montserrat.
  • On death St Patrick’s body had to be carried back to Downpatrick to be buried with St Brigit and St Columba.
  • Donaghadee Parish Church is believed to have been a place of worship since Druids time with St Patrick visiting in 5th Century AD when a stone church was erected known as the Church of “Dofnachti”.

So celebrate our Patron Saint – a man from Donaghadee!!!!!!!!!!!!!.