Family Fun Night

Something new and something we have never tried before.


This is a night for everyone, from 0 to 100 years young.
Games, puzzles, quizs, riddles and brainteasers.
So why not put a team together and join in the craic.  A team can be a small as 4 people and as large as you can make it.  However we would suggest that you have at least one young person and at least one “older” member on the team as without these you may struggle.  Bring friends, who may not even belong to the church, they will be very welcome.
If you haven’t got a team – don’t worry, we’ll soon get you one.
The date for your diary is Friday 24th April beginning at 6.30pm with a “Cowboy Supper” and games beginning around 7.30pm.
And the Best Part – It’s all Free !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Watch out for more details.